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Deep the poverty "She" strength photography will choose (six) – there is a dream, far from afar

In February 2016, the Poverty Alleviation Tourism team of Shijiazhuang Post and Telecommunications Vocational and Technical College entered the Yuguang Village, Wangbei County, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, in response to the actual situation of "due to illness", the first secretary Lu Wenzhen from the villagers "Track", etc. Living habits have realized a set of rural […]

Ankang, the national fitness rise in the green mountain green water

Ankang City Stadium Night View. Our reporter Xueye took North Yinling, South Bashan, Hanshui transacted things – Ankang located in Southern Shaanxi is a beautiful pearl in the Yangtze River Basin. It has a natural landscape represented by Nangongshan, Ba Lake, and Xiangxi Cave, and the integration of Rongba’s cultural and Central Plains culture is […]

Citizen’s ecological environmental behavior

June 5, 2018 is the fourth environmental day of the newly revised environmental protection law. On the same day, the Ecological Environment Department, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Women’s Federation and other five departments, in the 2018 Saturday Environmental Day State Activities, […]

Anshun Central City implements real estate registration "double"

On August 25, the author learned from the City Real Estate Registration Center that, in the downtown area of ??our city, the real estate registration and hydropower gas optic network were simultaneously handled and the central urban real estate registration "same city is not". " It is understood that from June 30 this year, Anshun […]

Beijing Daxing Airport welcomes the peak on Friday

  "May 1" small holiday is coming soon, and many people will travel during the holidays. Daxing Airport is expected that this year’s "May 1" travel peak will appear on April 30th, Daxing Airport reminds passengers. Before traveling, you must carefully check the airport information to the airport, so as not to go wrong.   Daxing Airport […]

Analyse van de FAQ van Ping A Boeddha medische verzekering in 2022

In 2022 werd ping van een Boeddha medische verzekering officieel gelanceerd op 1 november, slechts meer dan 6 miljoen Foshan-burgers werden 2 dagen verzekerd. Voor het meest bezorgd over het publiek, een aantal van de meer typische analyse. 1. Het account is niet in Foshan, maar ik kocht Foshan Medical Insurance, kan ik een boeddha […]

China Music Academy Guole Special Concert is in the National Grand Theater

People’s Daily November 23 (Reporter Lin Lu) Recently, "China Music Academy Guole Special Concert – China Le School Works Series Exhibition" is staged in the National Grand Theater, aims to showcase the national music talent training results of China Music Academy , Teachers’ power and the latest achievements in the construction of China Le Dai […]

2021, Ningxia Government major administrative decision-making, consultation, basically completed

On December 6, the reporter learned from the Ningxia Government Research Office that the 10 decision-making matters included in the 2021 major administrative decision-making catalog in the 2021 year since this year have basically completed the demonstration, and the decision-making matters submitted to the Autonomous Region Government’s executive meeting have been submitted. More than 20 […]